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493.80 USD
422.12 EUR
What is Crypto Wallet?
Crypto Wallet is a full-fledged cryptocurrency purse intended for convenient storage, exchange and use of Bitcoins (BTC) and other cryptocurrency.
How i can use the Crypto Wallet?
Crypto Wallet's capabilities allow you to accept / send BTC and other crypto-currencies, display them on a virtual and plastic prepaid card for use in online stores or at an ATM (withdraw cash), exchange one crypto currency for another, trade, our rates of exchange are the most profitable among the crypto-currency purses on the Internet.
How i can buy Bitcoin (BTC)?
To buy BTC or other cryptocurrency, you need to refill one of the accounts of USD, EUR, GBP. Then go to the "Exchange" section, where you can make a purchase of BTC from the account instantly.
How to refill a USD, EUR or GBP account?
To refill the accounts of USD, EUR and GBP, click on the "Deposit" button in the account in section "Active balance". At the moment, you can replenish your account using WebMoney (wmz, wmr), Yandex.Money, Perfect Money, as well as bank transfers Swift, Sepa (only for verified users).
We try to add as many payment methods as possible for the convenience of our users.
How to make an exchange?
To make a currency exchange, you need to go to the "Exchange" menu or click on the "Exchange" button in front of the account, then make an exchange for the desired currency. The process of currency exchange takes a few seconds.
Why do I need to pass verification?
Verification is needed for:
- to replenish the accounts of USD, EUR and GBP by Swift or Sepa bank transfer (only for EUR accounts). This method of replenishment is the cheapest of all.
- for unlimited replenishment of virtual and plastic prepaid cards (all cards of the verified account are unlimited).
How to pass the verification?
In order to confirm your data, You will need to provide 2 types of documents:
1. Valid identity document of the state sample in high quality image. The following documents:
- travel passport (page with photo, 2 pages);
- passport (first 2 pages);
- driver's licence (both sides).
2. The following documents are accepted for confirmation of residence (the issue date must be less than 3 months):
- Bank statement;
- receipt for payment of utilities;
- tax Declaration.
If proof of identity and address are in a different language, we need translated documents.
Important: to avoid delays in the review of the documents ensure that these documents:
- clearly visible (watermarks allowed);
- high quality color images with a resolution of 300dpi or higher;
- not expired.
What is a prepaid card?
A prepaid card is a complete card. It can be in two formats - virtual and plastic. Plastic card you can pay in stores and other outlets around the world, as well as withdraw cash from the ATM. The virtual card is intended for payment of purchases on the Internet (Internet shops, every possible services in a network). You can order 3 virtual cards and 3 plastic cards (one for each currency) in the currency of the euro, dollar or pound.
How can I buy a virtual or plastic card?
To order a prepaid card you only need to fill in the profile in personal account, after that, you will be able to order virtual and plastic prepaid cards in the Personal Area or on the main page of the TierraPay service.
Are there any restrictions for ordering a prepaid card in the country of residence?

You can order a card from any country of this list.

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey, Holy See (Vatican City State), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.
How fast are the prepaid cards delivered?
You will see the virtual card in your account (My cards) within 1 minute after payment. The plastic card is delivered free of charge by mail (standard delivery) and usually takes up to 12 working days in Europe. Longer periods are applicable outside of Europe, depending on local services. You can also use express delivery (up to 9 days) for 80 USD / 75 EUR / 55 GBP.
How do I activate the card and obtain my pin?
In order to activate the card dial +44 113320 0952 and press "1"; to choose English press "1" once again, enter the 16-digit number and then press "#". Then enter you date of birth in DAY-MONTH-YEAR format (for example, if you were born on May 3, 1975, enter 030575), and press "#" and you will hear your PIN number. Make sure you have written it down, but don't disconnect! Then press "1" to activate your card. Your card is active now! In addition, you can always find your PIN number in your Profile when clicking Show Card Details.
What are the limits for replenishment of a prepaid card?
For verified users, the daily limit of the replenishment is $ 20000 / € 20000 / £ 16000. The number of replenishments is 5 times a day. For non-verified users, the total card limit is $ 1000 / € 1000 / £ 800. It does not depend on whether the card is plastic or virtual.
Can I use a plastic card for cash withdrawal?
You can use your plastic card TierraPay to withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide. Cash withdrawal fee $ 3.50 / £ 2.25 / € 2.75. Verified customer can make to 5 withdrawals per day, the maximum amount for 1 removal - 10000 $ / 10000 € / 8000 £, just a day, you can remove 20000 $ / 20000 € / 16000 £. Unverified users can withdraw cash 2 times a day, no more than 1000 $ / 1000 € / 800 £ per withdrawal and no more 1000 $ / 1000 € / 800 £ for all time.
Are there any extra card usage fees?
The monthly card servicing fee is $1 / €1 / £1, depending on the card currency. Besides, there is a 3% currency conversion fee if the payment is made in currency different from the card one. Please, remember about it!
What should I do if the plastic card has been stolen or lost?
If your plastic card was lost or stolen, immediately contact us by e-mail: We will block it and order re-issue.
What is the maximum balance that can be on the prepaid card when buying?
If you are not a "verified user", the maximum balance on the card can be 1000 EUR (Depending on the currency of the card), in the opposite case, the card is unlimited.
Is there a limit on the transaction amount and the number of them?
The number of transactions and their maximum amount is not limited.
Prepaid cards support 3d-secure technology?
These cards do not support 3d-secure, and are not suitable for payment in most shops of the Russian Federation. Perfectly suitable for payment in the European stores and services.
What is the validity period of the prepaid card?
Exactly 36 months since the creation of the virtual cards.
How many cards can I have?
Each client can order only 6 cards - 3 plastic and 3 virtual ones in USD, EURO and GBP respectively.
How long does the verification?
As a rule, check of your documents should not take longer than a few days. If we are experiencing a large number of new users, the processing time can be significantly slowed down. Please be patient and we will contact you by e-mail, if we need more information from you.
Can I add your card to the PayPal account?
You can. Except for Russian PayPal accounts. Unfortunately, Russian PayPal accounts accept the card.
What data will be provided after the payment?
You can get the following card information a few seconds after the payment is made: bank card number, CVV2 code and expiry date (this data can be found in your Profile).
How can I pay your card?
You can pay for prepaid cards through the system WebMoney (we have a "Certificate of seller"), through the systemYandex Мoney system, at a very attractive price.
We also accept payment through OKPAY and Perfect Money. Our service keeps pace with the times and now anyone can buy a virtual card for Bitcoin. Prepaid card will be generated automatically after receipt third confirmation of payment from the network.
How quickly can I check the card balance and get a statement?
There is a Card Statement button for each of your cards in your Profile. You will be able to see all the card operations within 5 seconds after the button is pressed.
The store where I made the purchase, did return.
The funds returned to the card within a maximum of 30 days. This is usually 3-4 days.
Can I transfer money to card using its number?
You can make card-to-card transfers from any of your other prepaid cards or using PayPal , Skrill and other payment systems.
Instant refill in any convenient way
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